Back to New Orleans


“Back to New Orleans”

Lyrics by Todd Fernandez and Jason Wood

Music by Shortbus

Late at night city lights are so profound
Dancing up ahead
Like a glittery girl in a disco lounge
In the morning light looks dead
Maybe wake up satisfied
Ah we’ll see you again tonight
Around and round

On the road back to New Orleans
I heard you say no use coming
But I can take you where you can’t go on your own
On the road back to New Orleans
Never so at home in this world (I’m the river) always moving on

I suppose I got hold of all I dreamed
To be miserable
Cuz when they leave and there’s no one left to see
It’s invisible

Looking up, getting found
Never thought I’d hear the sound
Up here on the stage again
One foot in the grave again

On the road…

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