Desert Dancing

“Desert Dancing”

Lyrics by Todd Fernandez

Music by Shortbus

Well everybody needs a kingdom come
To put their ever loving life upon
Serve the world or seek the one
Please yourself but you still succumb

To touch and feel what you cannot see
Hyptmotize you in a magazine
Pick up the phone I’ll make you free
Now she sits staring at a screen

Barefoot in the yellow moon
Dancing to that desert tune
Breathing in those golden fumes

They know you need to belong
Hear the latest scene and song
Worship what you will become

Hey pretty girl what you doing tonight
We’re going over to the firelight
The new religion you’ve been looking for
A little truth mixed in with a lie
Go Tell you’re daddy that I’ll get you home
We’re going kneeling to the wood and stone
And this world is up to you
This desires got to be satisfied

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