Pre-Workout A.M. Drink

Maybe you’re not a morning guy, but if you can just be man enough to get up and drink this concoction you can change all of that.

I set all of my things out the night before (like in the professional looking pictures).  My clothes and all of the components that go into my morning drink are sitting on the counter before I go to bed.

I like to use lemons, limes, or Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar for Ph and a good acidic tartness, a good greens powder, and 1 scoop of JYM in as much water as I can fit into a blender shaker bottle.  This immediately gets you hydrated with a few extra health benefits.

I ONLY DRINK THIS 3 DAYS PER WEEK.  Anymore and it will lose it’s effect.  So I drink it on days where I really need it, like back or legs, or if I want to hit a PR on some lift.

IMG_1798 (1)

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