November 2016 Training Program

I took the picture in Florence.  The statue was very strange and interesting.

This month’s routines are still emphasizing Delts, hitting them twice a week. Working out Monday through Friday this time.

**Maximum Overload Sets**

There are three types of sets, but I only list “Working Sets” or “Muscle Building Sets” which are usually around 2 sets of 4-8 reps.  Before each working set are: 1) warm-up sets, 2) weight acclimation sets and finally 3) muscle-building sets as seen in the example below.

  1. Warm-up Sets are never listed.  They’re done using a weight you can handle easily in a 6 to 12 rep range. Warm-up sets make up the first 2 or 3 sets of your warm-up sequence.
  2. Weight Acclimation Sets are done with a heavier weight that you can handle for 1 to 3 reps (not to failure). Weight acclimation sets make up the last 2 sets of your warm-up sequence and are designed to prepare your mind and body for overload.
  3. Muscle Building Sets are done to absolute failure.   In other words, you attempt another rep with appropriate form and tempo and it doesn’t happen.


**Rest Pause or “DoggCrapp” Set**

“Every rest-pause set is done with three failure points. A hypothetical incline bench 11- to 15-rep set would start with eight reps to failure, rack the weight, take 15 deep breaths, unrack, two to four reps to failure, rack the weight, 15 deep breaths, unrack, and a final one or two reps to failure.”

**Log Book Mentality**

All workouts must be logged in order to make continuous progress.  Progress is doing either more reps or more weight than last week ONLY USING THE SAME FORM AND TEMPO.

**On Going to Failure and  Safety**

Several exercises cannot be done to absolute failure (Deadlifts, Squats, or anything without a “spotter” that would result in one being trapped or killed).  On exercises like this go to “positive failure”–going until the last proper rep can be performed.  Take 2 or 3 minutes rest in between regular sets unless noted.  On heavy compound movements that I am very strong on I implement a 4 second negative in order to handicap my 39 year old self from throwing things over several hundred pounds.


Standing Cable Pullover: 1×20-30 reps *rest pause*

Reverse-grip Pulldown: 2×6-8 reps

Dumbell Row: 1 set to failure with the 100 pound dumbbells

Rack Pulls: 1 set of 10 *Work up to a 4-5 rep max.  Do one rep every 10 seconds, never letting go of the bar and taking deep breaths in between reps.*

Partial Stretch Pulldowns: 2×6-8 reps *Pick a weight that is too heavy to pull past your head and get a 2 second stretch at the top letting the weight pull hard on the lats.*

Back Extension: 1×25-50 reps *weight if needed*

Tuesday-Pecs, Rear Delts

Barbell Bench Press: 2×4-8 reps

Incline Dumbbell Press: 1×20-30 reps

Push-Ups: 3 x failure

Rear Delt Machine: 1×15-25 *rest pause*


Seated Leg Curl: 1×25-35 *rest pause*

Squat: 2×4-8 reps

1 Mile Run: As fast as possible


Rear Delt Swings: Drop set your way to 90 reps–performing around 20 per–then perform 10 or more full rear raises for final set, 100 reps total.

Seated Dumbbell Press: 2×4-8 reps

Wide Grip Over and Back Press: 1×20-30 reps *rest pause*

Dumbbell Shrugs: 1×15-25 reps *3 second pause at top*

Friday-Arms, Abs, Calves

Concentration Curl: 1×15-25 reps *3 second pause at top*

EZ Curl Bar Curl: 2×8-12 reps

Rope Tricep Pushdown: 1×15-25 reps *3 second pause at top*

Lying Tricep Dumbbell Ext: 2×8-12 reps

Sissy Dip: 1×15-20 reps

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